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2017 TCAA Legislative Advocacy and Rally Day

Rally Day


Homeowners Rally at the Texas Capitol to Support Their Homeowner Associations

Austin, TX – March 28, 2017—More than 150 homeowners, board members, business owners and other stakeholders from across the state of Texas are rallying today at the Texas Capitol to strongly support their community associations.

“We are here to speak for the vast majority of homeowners who support their HOA,” said John Connors, a homeowner who chairs the Architectural Review Committee of his HOA and was a volunteer board member and past president of his HOA from Austin.  “The overwhelming majority of people move into an HOA community because they want to live in a neighborhood that will protect their property values and keep their community safe,” said Connors.

There are more than 5 million people living in more than 30,000 community associations in the state of Texas.  Community associations employ thousands of Texans and contribute over $3 billion dollars a year to the Texas economy.  Volunteer board members across the state are the backbone of HOAs and they dedicate their time and hundreds of volunteer hours working with their neighbors for the benefit of their community.  Art Downey of San Antonio is one of the many volunteers.

“We believe in working together with public officials on public policy and working to find common ground to benefit homeowners and protect the quality of life of Texas neighborhoods,” said Art Downey, a homeowner in San Antonio.

TCAA's mission is to create an environment that supports the development of well-governed, well-managed community associations. 

These Texans want to:

  • protect the community association lifestyle,
  • minimize placing additional financial burden on owners,
  • promote transparency in the operation of community associations,
  • facilitate owners' participation in their community association,
  • provide education to industry professionals and other stakeholders 

Texas Community Association Advocates is the public policy voice of community associations and the professionals who serve them. TCAA's mission is to create an environment that supports the development of well-governed, well-managed community associations.


Changes to HOA Board Meetings Include Online Options

Close-Up on Laws Affecting Board Meetings

Effective September 1, 2015, the laws for notice for HOA board meetings have changed. These laws are not applicable to condominium associations. The new laws apply regardless of what an HOA’s governing documents require in terms of notice. HOA board members should familiarize themselves with the meeting notice requirements to ensure that no inadvertent violations occur.

The new requirements include:
  • ALL board meetings may now be held electronically or by telephone;
  • A board no longer needs to provide notice of a meeting when the board acts on an item (it’s now immaterial whether it’s “routine and administrative” or “a reasonably unforeseen emergency or urgent necessity”) so long as the item is not one of the “magic 14” (these items are outlined in the article); and
  • Seven new items now require a board meeting before being discussed or acted on.
    Read the full article.

TCAA Thanks Lawmakers for Supporting Legislation to Improve Homeowners’ Associations

Governor Greg Abbott Signs SB 1168 into Law

Texas legislative session

 Texas Community Association Advocates (TCAA) today praised the 84th Texas Legislature for passing legislation that demonstrates a strong commitment to improving the operations of homeowners’ associations in the State of Texas.  Legislators supported TCAA’s Affirmative Legislation, SB 1168,  which will increase consumer protections and allow greater transparency. The law goes into effect on September 1, 2015. 

Some key provisions of SB 1168:

  • allows associations to have more flexibility and offer longer payment plans to homeowners;
  • provides greater transparency in open meetings by allowing members to attend open board meetings by video conferencing;
  • requires important votes to be taken at an open meeting such as selling land or adopting a deed restriction;
  • provides privacy protection for voting by allowing associations to adopt rules regarding use of secret ballots, and by making it clear that any person who tabulates or recounts votes must not disclose to anyone how an individual voted.

Read the TCAA press release about the bill.

Log-in to read the TCAA June Legislative Update update SB 1168 and other bills slated for passage.

Former TCAA Co-Chair Roy Hailey Memorialized by the Texas Legislature
Scholarship Created in his Name to Advance Professionalism in the Management of Community Associations

Roy Hailey

Austin, TX – May 7, 2015—The Texas Legislature today posthumously honored the memory and legacy of nationally recognized community association attorney Roy Hailey of Houston.

Roy Hailey was an extraordinary individual, attorney, and advocate. He died too young at the age of 59. At the time of his death he was serving as co-chair of Texas Community Association Advocates, a lobby organization that advocates on behalf of community associations and their members.

The Roy Hailey Memorial Education Foundation was established for the purpose of advancing professionalism in the management of community associations by providing educational opportunities and scholarships to managers of community associations working toward industry certifications.

Read the full press release here.                                          Read the Resolution HR 1218               


Fellow TCAA Board members, professional colleagues and family members gathered
in Austin at the State Capitol on May 7, 2015 to commemorate the special resolution.

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 What Are the Best Practices for POA Governance?
Whether you are a board member, association manager or
homeowner, you should be familiar with your community's
governing documents. However, Texas statutes also
regulate many aspects of association governance. 
TCAA has prepared two educational videos which answer
some of the most commonly answered questions concerning
Open Meetings and Foreclosures by HOAs as laid out in the
Texas Property Code.

To purchase videos and download these and other TCAA educational materials, click here.